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Karl Olandersson, jazz trumpet player, born in 1978 in Hedemora, Dalarna, Sweden. Moved to Stockholm in 1997 and studied four years at the Royal College Of Music.

Karl has been working as a freelance musician since then and he is now one of the top trumpet players in Sweden.

His first album, ”Introducing”, was released in 2003. The second is called ”I Like The Way You Shake That Thing”, but this album was only released in Japan, in 2005.
Karl’s third album, ”Plays Standards”, was released in August 2010.
A selection of the bands and projects that Karl is part of:

Karl Olandersson Quartet
Stockholm Swing All Stars
Let’ Dance (January-March on TV 4)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra
Klas Lindquist Nonet
Hacke Björksten Band
Ali Djeridi Quintet
Ronnie Gardiner All Stars
Patrik Boman 7 Piece Machine
Stora Stygga